Put Your Etsy T-Shirt Business On Autopilot

I’m going to share with you the simple step by step way to set up selling t-shirts on autopilot so the printing and fulfillment of your orders are completely automatic. You can then spend your valuable time marketing the tee and can get the maximum amount of sales possible.

Putting your order printing and fulfillment on autopilot tremendously reduces your workload. I’m now going to reveal to you the other thing that makes this business work, the awesome “print on demand” website I use to manufacture and drop ship all my products to my Etsy customers. With this one website, your products are “printed on demand” (so you ever have to worry about carrying inventory), there is zero upfront cost, and items are efficiently shipped direct to your customers for you, so you never have to pack or ship anything yourself.


The website is very user friendly and lets you run your entire clothing business from your home computer or laptop. You never have to leave the house. There are no trips to the post office, no packing of orders, no shipping supplies needed…None of that! It’s so insanely easy to use. And the quality of the products they make is excellent. I’ve gotten lots of compliments from customers on their shirts. Here’s how it works:

  1.  You upload the design file (.png file)
  2.  Choose the product you want to sell it on (also, there are plenty of products in addition to t-shirts)
  3.  Fill out the title, description and set your price
  4.  Click a button to send it to your Etsy Shop

It’s really as easy as that.

When someone purchases your item, the company prints the item, packages it and ships it directly to your customer.

It couldn’t be easier!

You might be thinking, “Wait a minute, since when does Etsy allow drop shipping?” Since October 2013, that’s when! Here are the updated Etsy Rules.

It clearly states that you are indeed allowed to use shipping and fulfillment services, or drop shipping services, just like this!

This website is an approved-by-Etsy production company, so you won’t run into any issues here. I’ll show you how to get your shirts “approved” on ETSY as ‘hand made products by a third party manufacturer’ below.

But first off, sign up for an account. It’s completely free to open an account so get started HERE (Disclaimer: This is an affiliate link, if you sign up through this link I get some beer money)

Once you’ve signed up for an account you can integrate your Etsy shop with the printer by following the instructions HERE


On your listing in the section “ABOUT THIS LISTING”, you’re going to let buyers know how your item is made. It’s important that you answer these questions correctly so that your shop isn’t flagged by Etsy. Since your products will be made by a printer, this is how you would fill out this dropdown list:

Who made it: Another company or person

What is it: A finished product

When was it made: Made to order

Your item will now be listed as “handmade with production assistance”.

Now your ready to make sales and fill those orders without lifting a finger.